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Lubricants & Additives

  • CFAO

    CFAO Automotive boasts Africa’s most extensive network of sales and after-sales service outlets. 

    What do we sell:   Car Lubricants

    Address:  Motorway M1 Pailles

    Opening Hours:   9 am - 5 pm




    (230) 286 9191

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  • Vivo Energy Mauritius

    Vivo Energy is the market leader in Mauritius and, through the Shell Group, has had an active presence in the country since 1905. Today, Vivo Energy Mauritius is proud to offer Shell’s superior differentiated fuels (including gasoline, gasoil and fuel oil), and industry-leading lubricants to retail and business customers across the country.

    The company also provides LPG, autogas, the Shell Card for fleet management solutions, dedicated services for commercial customers, into-plane service at the airport and bunkering facilities for marine customers.

    What do we sell:   Fuels, Lubricants, Gas

    Address:  Cemetery Road Roche Bois. Mauritius

    Opening Hours:   Mon - Fri : 8h to 17h. Sat : 8h to 13h

    Vivo Energy Mauritius

    206 1234

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