Transfer Ownership of Vehicles | 04 Jun 2018

registration fees in mauritius

Register the vehicle in your name / Transfer ownership

Once you’ve made a payment to the seller and have obtained 2 signed copies of the Contract of Sale, the horsepower and the Certificate de Gage, it’s time to go to Emmanuel Anquetil Building in Port-Louis to register the vehicle in your name. Registration fees depend on the age (year of manufacture) of the vehicle and the horsepower and there’s a Rs400 fee on top as well.
Documents required are:

  • 1 original deed of sale + a photocopy
  • Registration Certificate (Horsepower)
  • National ID card
For example, a 7 year old car of 1499cc will incur a Rs 18,000 registration fee.
Next you need to head over to NTA with the following documents to transfer ownership of the vehicle in your name:
  • 1 original deed of sale + a photocopy
  • Car insurance in your name
  • Another fee of Rs400 will be payable for that as well.
Now you’re the owner of the vehicle, congratulations!

Registration Fee Calculator*
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* Not applicable for new vehicles (First Registration)

Vehicles Registration Fees according to NTA

vehicles registration fee mauritius
vehicles registration fee mauritius

* Source : National Transport Authority

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