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start & go car log term rental / hire

Start & Go is a new internet networking platform for long-term used car rental in Mauritius. The principles of fairness and transparency specific to the collaborative economy allow anyone to rent a recent car, in good condition, perfectly safe and meeting regulatory requirements.

Start & Go offers advantageous rates, as tenants only pay for the value of the vehicle in use and not for the purchase value on credit. They benefit from a turnkey solution, for half-yearly periods ranging from 6 to 36 months and with mileage packages of between 1000 and 3000 km per month. Only fuel and cleaning remain at the expense of the tenants.

We invite you to visit the website to discover this new concept in details and to learn more about the rental conditions.

A platform
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information is a platform with exhaustive information of all new and used vehicles for sale, and associated products and services, in Mauritius. In a few clicks, you will be able to put your vehicle for sale, and to access a large catalogue of cars, vans, buses, trucks, motorbikes, boats and boat engines with pictures, details, prices, leasing and insurance facilities.