Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I’m selling my vehicle

Step 1:
Do you know your vehicle value? Have a look at our car price guide or ask for an evaluation of your vehicle by an expert on the 433 4220.

Step 2:
Find a potential buyer by posting an ad on for FREE.
You will need a few information about your vehicle (make, model, mileage, age…) so don’t forget to have your horse power, at least a picture of your vehicle before doing the process of selling on
Did you know you have more chances of selling your car if you put some pictures?

Step 3
Obtain a deed of sale here.
Obtain a ‘Certificat de gage’ from the NTA (Rs 50) to certify that your vehicle is not burdened with a lien, call 202 2800.

Step 4
Find a new vehicle on 

I’m buying a new vehicle

Step 1:
Choose a vehicle you like and within your budget. You can try our tool: ‘See what can I buy with my budget’ to help you find vehicles matching your budget or repayment capacity on the listing.

Step 2: 
Ask for a quote with an insurance company and choose the plan matching your needs.

Step 3:
Ask for a lease if needed.

I’m buying a pre-owned vehicle

Step 1:
Have a look at the vehicles available on

Step 2:
Before buying a vehicle, always check the actual condition of the vehicle, if it’s still under warranty and what is covered.

Step 3:
Ask for a quote with an insurance company and choose the plan matching your needs.

Step 4: Transfer of ownership
The previous owner should provide you with the registration book, 2 originals of the deed of sale and a “Certificat de Gage” obtained from the NTA.
The deed of sale should be registered at the Registrar General’s Department within 15 days of the sale transaction.
You should call at the NTA with:
- the original deed of sale duly registered + 1 photocopy of the same document; and
- a valid insurance certificate on your name.
The vehicle will be transferred to your name after you have paid the specified fee.

Step 5: Vehicle Examination
Vehicles older than 7 years (except autocycles), must undergo examination to be certified fit for the road. You need to get a fitness certificate from the seller (if still valid) or by doing a fitness test.

Documents to be produced during examination of motor vehicles:
- Registration book.
- Insurance certificate.
- Licence attached to the vehicle, if any.
- Removal permit or TP if vehicle is unlicensed.
Once your vehicle has been examined and found fit to be on the road, you will be issued with a test certificate or certificate of fitness as the case may be for the vehicle.

Step 6: Payment of Motor Vehicle Licence
Now that you have the registration book of the vehicle, a valid insurance certificate and a fitness certificate (if applicable), you can pay the motor vehicle licence for your vehicle at the NTA.

You can pay the motor vehicle licence for your vehicle at the NTA Head Office in Cassis. Payment for private vehicles (without any other licence attached) may also be effected at the NTA Vehicle Examination Centre (VEC) in Forest Side;

District Cash Offices in Rose Hill, Mapou, Curepipe, Centre de Flacq, Mahebourg, Souillac, Bambous, Pamplemousses and Moka.

For securing a motor vehicle licence, you have to produce the following documents:
• The registration book of the vehicle.
• A valid insurance certificate.
• A test certificate (fitness) if the vehicle is a private car or motorcycle above 7 years.

New vehicles Personalised Plate

If you’re buying a new vehicle, you can reserve a personalized number from the running series registration mark (you will only be able to choose the first four numbers, the month and year of registration will stay the same). Please call at the NTA with your NIC, fill in the reservation form and pay the reservation fee of Rs 2,000.

New, imported or any other vehicle Personalised Plate

You can have a personalised plate allocated to your vehicle from an old registration mark (i.e. a registration mark issued prior to 10 April 1992).

Step 1: Find a registration number available.
Personalized registration number must consist of one to four numbers; one or two letters except I, O, Q (reserved) followed by 4 numbers.

Step 2: Log on to and go to “Application for NTA Specific Registration Mark”.

Step 3: Follow the instructions, note down the tracking number and submit your application.
If you do not received an e-mail, you should call the NTA within 5 days.

Transfer of old registration mark from existing vehicle to another vehicle belonging to the same person

You want to have the old registration mark on your existing vehicle transferred to another vehicle you have purchased or which belongs to you:
• Call at the NTA with your NIC, fill in the transfer and pay the fee of Rs 3,000 provided that you, as registered owner, have previously paid the fees for the allocation of the old registration mark.

In case the registration mark is for a vehicle in your possession, you will have to bring along your registration book for varying the registration mark.

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