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Your ad will be checked within 24 hours (working day). You will receive a confirmation email once your Ad is online. It will stay online during 30 days for Car Ad and 60 days for Other Ad. During that period, you will be able to edit or remove your advert at any time.

For Vehicle Dealers, Accessory and Service Providers, subscription is mandatory to be able to publish your ads on MYCAR.MU.

For more details, please contact us on 433-4220 or by sending us an email .

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Step 1:

Do you know your vehicle value? For the cars, have a look at our car price guide or ask for an evaluation of your vehicle by an expert on the 433 4220.

Step 2:

Find a potential buyer by posting an ad on mycar.mu for FREE. Select the above vehicle type icon and fill in the form.
You will need a few information about your vehicle (make, model, mileage, age…) so don’t forget to have your horse power, at least a picture of your vehicle before doing the process of selling on mycar.mu

Step 3 (for cars):

Obtain a deed of sale here.
Obtain a ‘Certificat de gage’ from the NTA (Rs 50) to certify that your vehicle is not burdened with a lien, call 202 2800.

Step 4:

Find a new vehicle on mycar.mu

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