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Terms of use

By using Mycar.mu website, the user hereby agrees to the terms of use and navigation, as defined below.

The user acknowledges that the available information is not exhaustive and it is the user’s responsibility to verify any such information before its implementation, particularly before the conclusion of any contract of sale of a vehicle. In addition, the user acknowledges that Mycar.mu will not intervene in the contracting of any sale or with the delivery of any vehicles or in any form of payment whatsoever.

Mycar.mu does not, in any way, guarantee the conclusion of sales contracts with vendors, used vehicles or lots of used vehicles being offered by sellers (dealers, merchants, professionals and individuals), and Mycar.mu will not intervene in the selection and description of such vehicles. Similarly, Mycar.mu will not check, iter alia the vehicle’s quality, working condition, safety, legality, general condition or compliance. As such, Mycar.mu will not be held liable for the abovementioned securities. Mycar.mu will not be held liable for the non-completion of any sale, for the non-payment of any price, or for the non-delivery of vehicles sold. In addition, Mycar.mu does not guarantee the solvency and good faith of the purchaser, or such a person’s ability to buy a vehicle.

  1. 1. Compliance with laws and regulations Mycar.mu
    The user is hereby informed and acknowledges that all governing laws and regulations are applicable to the medium of the Internet.
    As such, as the user browses through the Mycar.mu website and uses the offered services contained therein, it is the user’s responsibility to comply with all applicable regulations and in particular the following:
    1. 1.1 – The rules of intellectual property such as including multimedia creations, software, text, articles, photos, trademarks, databases, images of any kind.
      It is prohibited to upload, post or transfer to the Mycar.mu website any work, copyrighted content, trademark or other intellectual property rights belonging to third parties without the prior written approval of the third party.
      Starting Gate Ltd and its partners in some cases, own all the intellectual property rights to Mycar.mu’s content. As such, it is cautioned that any reference to the existence of such rights cannot be removed and that any unauthorized reproduction, be it total or partial, would constitute an act of infringement. Furthermore, the user is strictly prohibited from proceeding with a quantitative or qualitative extraction of databases posted on the Mycar.mu site or from using such databases in an abnormal environment. Excessive use of the content available on the mycar.mu website (e.g. texts, announcements) constitutes a misuse which may result in prosecution on behalf of Mycar.mu under civil and criminal law. Examples of such a misuse include, but are not limited to:
      • automatically interrogating the database using software
      • copying the contents of the database (in part or in whole) and making it ​​available on other websites or through other media forms, except for content that is specific to the user concerned.
    2. 1.2 – The rules for automated processing of personal data.
    3. 1.3 – The rules of public policy, including but not limited to, the regulation of pornographic, racist or illegal content which could undermine the integrity and sensitivity of another user or Mycar.mu, and branding via messages, texts or provocative images.
    4. 1.4 – All rules relating to privacy of people or third parties connected to Mycar.mu website. As such, you agree to refrain from using the interactive services provides to publish messages that are abusive, insulting, disparaging or degrading that have no connection to the questions raised.
    5. 1.5 – Regulations governing the right of the press. As such, it is up to the user to refrain from defaming or insulting anyone, any internet user, or third party.
    6. 1.6 – Regulations relating to computer fraud. As such, users will refrain from breaking into or attempting to break in to an automated data processer or from altering partially or totally its elements. The user is hereby informed that such acts constitute a criminal offence which will be dealt with accordingly.
      More specifically in the context of interactive services, Mycar.mu reserves the right to remove immediately and without prior notice, any content whatsoever, including any message, photograph or graphic which it considers to be in breach of any law or regulation, including but not limited to, those described above. Such a deletion will not result in any financial compensation whatsoever, and shall be permanent.
  2. 2. Hyperlinks on Mycar.mu
    The establishment of a hyperlink to the Mycar.mu website requires prior authorization by Mycar.mu. As such, any user contemplating such an establishment is required to contact the Mycar.mu webmaster.
    Mycar.mu is in no way responsible for the content, information, products and services offered by sites which have a hyperlink on the Mycar.mu website.
    Consequently, Mycar.mu’s responsibility for direct or consequential damages such as loss of customers, litigation, disturbance to business, loss of brand image, and loss of profits due to such a hyperlink, cannot be sought. Further, the quality and / or specifications of the products and services sold by affiliated partners, or indeed the manner in which payment transactions are carried out on such sites, is in no way Mycar.mu’s responsibility and as such Mycar.mu cannot and will not be liable.
  3. 3. Managing passwords and access codes on mycar.mu
    The user is solely responsible for their personal password and access code which will have been allocated by Mycar.mu for the access and implementation of restricted services provided on Mycar.mu.
    As such, it is the user’s responsibility to implement the necessary precautionary and security measures so as to protect passwords.
    In case of loss or theft of a password and/or access code, or if a user becomes aware of the use of their passwords by an unauthorized third party, contact must immediately be made with Mycar.mu.
    Depending on each user’s personal preference, all passwords will be invalidated and new passwords will be assigned.
    Mycar.mu will not be held responsible for any fraudulent use or stealing of  passwords and/or access codes by a third party.
    The user account on the website may not and will not be sold or transferred to another person or entity.
  4. 4. User’s personal data on Mycar.mu
    1. 4.1 – Mycar.mu undertakes not to sell or rent a user’s personal information to any third party for marketing purposes without the user’s prior express consent. If a user does not wish to receive marketing communications from the website, simply indicate this on the account profile page once signed in to Mycar.mu, or at any time by emailing  info@mycar.mu.
    2. 4.2 – Starting Gate Ltd does not guarantee the completeness and/or relevancy of the information and offers, nor the quality of the products and services. It is the user’s responsibility to estimate future needs, to assess the consistency and suitability of information and bids received by the Partners, asses the quality of the Products and Services and, if applicable, contract, under the user’s responsibility.
      Mycar.mu may from time to time use cookies to record information about the navigation of computers on the Mycar.mu website (pages visited, the date and time of visits, etc.) which can be read during subsequent visits.
      Thus, during a subsequent visit a user may not be required to refill a previous form. The period of conservation of such data on a computer is 60 days. However, if a user would like to prevent the use of cookies, this can be done by modifying the option of your web browser.
    3. 4.3 – Access and use to this information.
      The information collected about a user when registering with and subscribing to the services offered by Mycar.mu is used to offer the user different services. Mycar.mu respects all users’ privacy and is committed to protecting personal information and in particular to preventing distortion, damage or disclosure to any unauthorized third parties. All precautions have been taken on Mycar.mu’s databases so as to archive users’ information in a secure environment.
      Only certain employees will have access to a user’s information, which is only accessible when needed. Personal information provided during registration which is not found on a user’s vehicle listings or vehicle search will not be accessible to third parties, or transmitted, sold or exchanged, except in the cases specified below and subject to the user’s prior knowledge and consent, or in assumption of your non opposition hereto.
      1. 4.3.1 – Mycar.mu may occasionally share general non-personal statistics and demographic information with selected partners, so as to allow them to target their announcements (by age category, gender, etc.). In such instances, Mycar.mu will not give them information which would allow them to identify the user.
      2. 4.3.2 – Mycar.mu is likely to send users, subject to their prior agreement, without charge other than the transmission of the request, promotional offers and other pieces of various information or announces from Mycar.mu or its partners. If a user would rather not receive offers which Mycar.mu selects or which our partners may send the user, this can be specified at the registration stage or at any later stage by email to info@mycar.mu.
      3. 4.3.3 – The information contained in a user’s vehicle listings and/or vehicles search criteria may be available on Mycar.mu, web and email (alerts and newsletters). In addition, this data may be disseminated by Mycar.mu or through our partners to persons interested by Mycar.mu through newsletters or third party Web sites and / or on any electronic media to promote listings of vehicles and / or vehicle search criteria, consistent for which it was originally collected.
        Accordingly, users expressly grant to Mycar.mu the right to reproduce, distribute and use personal advertisements of a vehicle and / or vehicle search criteria (information, description, images, videos, etc..) on all or part of Mycar.mu Service (on Mycar.mu website, on the web through links) and / or in any communication media, Internet and paper for the execution duration of these Terms of Use between the user and Mycar.mu.
        In addition, the user expressly authorizes Mycar.mu to transfer the benefits of the above mentioned rights to Mycar.mu partners involved in the framework of the provision of Mycar.mu Service. If a user does not want Mycar.mu or its partners to reproduce or broadcast the information comprised in their advertisement and / or vehicle search criteria, the user is required to terminate their Mycar.mu account.
        With regard to a user’s personal advertisement and / or vehicle search criteria, the termination will take effect upon the next update of Mycar.mu featuring the user’s personal advertisement and / or search criteria.
        In transmitting its advertisements, the User grants Mycar.mu and its affiliates the following, non-exclusive, non-transferable, for the legal duration of the rights concerned and for the world, relating to content transmitted (including the right to grant sub-licenses) rights:
        • Archive and database right: the right to archive the contents in any form whatsoever and in particular the record, including in digital form, to integrate them into database and store them on all storage means and data supports as well as link them to other works or parts of works;
        • Reproduction and distribution right: the right to randomly store content, copy and make them available or broadcast on electronic means or other media (e.g. Internet, newspapers and magazines) in whole or in part;
        • Publishing right: the right to edit the content in any way whatsoever, and in particular, to modify, shorten, complement and link to other content.
        • Mycar.mu be empowered to carry out the above activities by third parties.
      4. 4.3.4 – A user’s telephone number (mobile or landline) and place of residence may also, subject to  prior consent during registration and unless you object, be communicated to trading partners likely to make offers related to the sale or purchase of the user’s vehicle. A user no longer wishing to be contacted by partners, should indicate this at the time of registration, or subsequently at any time by email to info@mycar.mu.
      5. 4.3.5 – Mycar.mu reserve the right to show an advert to its partners before publishing it.
  5. 5. Financing and insurance services and other specific guarantees on Mycar.mu.
    Financing, insurance and other services proposed by mycar.mu and partners which are offered on the site are made ​​by Mycar.mu partners, financial institutions, insurance and specialized agencies. As such, Mycar.mu does not have the status of a company or insurance broker or financial or credit institution and is not a party to the contracts to which the user may subscribe.
    Therefore, the responsibility of Mycar.mu cannot and will not be questioned under the contracts concluded directly between a user and a partner of Mycar.mu.
    In this context, credit offers, insurance and any underwriting guarantee which a user may receive will be established from the information which that user chooses to communicate, confirmation of such offers being conditional upon the verification of such information and in-depth study of the application by Mycar.mu’s partners under their responsibility.
  6. 6. The expert evaluation service and the odds of your vehicle.
    The assessment service of the odds of a user’s vehicle is purely indicative, and the precise technical review of the status of a vehicle is impossible due to distance. Therefore, this assessment does not engage in any way whatsoever Mycar.mu responsibility. It is the user’s responsibility to check with a professional automotive what the exact odds of their car is, after a thorough technical review.
  7. 7. The interactive services on Mycar.mu.
    All provisions of this Charter shall apply during the user’s participation in interactive services on the Mycar.mu website.
    Accordingly, all users undertake to be respectful of all legal and regulatory provisions in force, including those described above.
    As such, the user is solely responsible for the information, messages, images and generally any content that they may post via the interactive services such as chat, forum.
    The User agrees to provide accurate, reliable and verifiable information. The user therefore agrees that Mycar.mu take the initiative, without prior notice, to remove, in whole or in part, any content that may be posted by or sent to the user via interactive services, if the content is likely infringe on laws and regulations in force or morality. This deletion will not be subject to financial compensation and shall be final.
    Similarly, the user agrees that Mycar.mu take the initiative to block the sending of an email to the seller via email interface where its contents would be likely to undermine the laws and regulations in force, or morality. This blockage will not be subject to financial compensation and will be final.
    The user acknowledges being solely responsible for the use of the content, of any nature whatsoever, that he or she may broadcast, and that Mycar.mu does not check or guarantee the accuracy, lawfulness, quality or reliability of any of the content whatsoever, published via the interactive services provided on the website.
    The user is solely responsible for making contact and any consequences implemented via the interactive services at Mycar.mu.
  8. 8. The security on Mycar.mu
    The user acknowledges that, notwithstanding all the means implemented by Starting Gate Ltd, the internet has technical characteristics that make it impossible for Mycar.mu to ensure absolute continuity of access to the service, response time and security in data transmission.
    As such, the user acknowledges that the information and services offered on Mycar.mu website may be interrupted, altered or deleted due to force majeure or by the action of others.
  9. 9. Guarantee
    Mycar.mu does not guarantee the completeness, accuracy and completeness of the content of the information and services offered on Mycar.mu website. However Starting Gate Ltd putting will use all available means so as to provide quality content its users.
    In any event, the liability of Starting Gate Ltd, its partners or employees, shall not be sought for the use made by a user of the information and services offered on the website and / or browsing, and especially in case of purchase or sale of a proposed vehicle on Mycar.mu website.
  10. 10. General provisions
    The period of validity for a piece of content and/or advertisement is 4 weeks. This period of validity can be extended at the option of the user a few days before the expiry of the validity period of the announcement. A message will be sent to the user asking him to reactivate his announcement if he has not sold his vehicle. If the announcement is not reactive, it will automatically be taken offline by Mycar.mu. A user may reactivate the announcement if desired.
    Only non-professional sellers and corporates are allowed to place a free advertisement on the website and Mycar.mu reserves the right to limit the number of announcements.
    Mycar.mu reserves the right to remove all the free ads you have filed without notice and remove the relevant account.
    Mycar.mu reserves the right to modify the provisions of these terms and conditions. By continuing to use the site and navigate on Mycar.mu, the user accepts the changes that are occurring as well.
    These terms represent all the obligations of the parties, and any other conditions contained in other documents will not be considered included in the scope of rights and obligations between Mycar.mu and the users.
    If one or more provisions of these terms and conditions are invalid for any reason whatsoever, the remaining provisions will remain in full force and effect.
  11. These conditions of use are governed by the “Information & Communication Technologies Authority Act”.
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