Traffic Signs

Traffic Signs are an essential part of any traffic system. They warn you about hazards you may meet on the road ahead, tell you rules you must obey, restrictions you must abide by and give you useful information and indications about the road.

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Some common traffic signs are available below:

Warning Signs

Pedestrian crossing

Road works

Slippery road

Hump bridge

Steep ascent

Dangerous descent

Cross wind

Signal Lights ahead


Two-way traffic across one-way road

Two-way traffic ahead

Road narrows on right

Right Bend

Side road on the right

Oblique side road on the left

Double bend first to right

Sharp deviation of route

Priority and Intersections Signs

"Give way" sign

"Stop" sign

Give way to oncoming traffic

Priority over oncoming traffic

Prohibitiory Signs

Prohibition of turning to the left

Prohibition of passing without stopping

No overtaking

Vehicular traffic prohibited in both directions

No entry

No entry for pedestrians

No entry for goods vehicles

No entry for vehicles more than 2 metres wide

No entry for vehicles having an overall height exceeding 3.5 metres

Prohibition of audible

Speed limit

End of prohibition or restriction

No Parking

No Parking No Standing

Mandatory Signs

Keep left

Pass either side

Straight ahead

Turn right only

Compulsory roundabout

Compulsory route for bicycle

Compulsory route for buses

Compulsory minimum speed

End of Compulsory minimum speed

Indication Signs


One way traffic

No throught road




Speed Camera Ahead

Temporary indications of dangers and restrictions

Men at work, beware

Deviation direction

Signs with Indication Panels

Parking prohibited before this sign

Road Markings

Continuous white lines, vehicles not permitted to cross lines

Broken lines, vehicles permitted to cross lines for overtaking purposes

Hazard lines, approach to section of road presenting a particular danger, vehicles must take care when overtaking

Permissive lines, vehicles on lane nearer to broken line may cross/overtake

Zigzag lines, warn drivers that they are approaching a pedestrian crossing

Single Yellow lines, allowed to stop for taking up passengers or for loading and unloading purposes

Double Yellow lines, not allowed to stop or park

Stop lines

Pedestrian crossing

Yellow boxes, must not enter the box until your exit road or lane is clear

Paid Parking zones

Pour en savoir plus, consultez
« Le guide complet du conducteur »
de Barlen Munusami.

Barlen Munusami Barlen MUNUSAMI s’est joint à la force policière en 1989. Il détient un BSc en Police Studies de l’Université de Maurice et Portsmouth, un Certificate in Traffic Management and Road Safety de l’Université de St Petersbourg, Russie et un MA en Communication et Relations Publiques de l’Université de Maurice. Il est un formateur agréé par la MQA (Mauritius Qualifications Authority) en conduite défensive et Road Safety & Traffic Regulations. Il est maîtreconférencier spécialiste des aspects légaux du trafic routier (Road Traffic Act). Marié et père de deux enfants, Barlen Munusami anime régulièrement des causeries et des ateliers sur la sécurité routière à Maurice.

... more detailed information available in
by Barlen Munusami.

Barlen Munusami Barlen MUNUSAMI joined the police force in 1989. He holds a BSc in Police Studies From University of Mauritius and Portsmouth, a Certificate in Traffic Management and Road Safety from the University of St Petersbourg, Russia, and an MA in Communications and Public Relations from University of Technology, Mauritius (UTM). He is an MQA (Mauritius Qualifications Authority) approved trainer and Programme Officer in Defensive driving, Road Safety and Road Traffic Laws. He is also a consultant in Road Safety at the African Development Bank. He is a specialist lecturer in legal aspects of road traffic (Road Traffic Act). He is also a part-time lecturer at university in the field of Communication. Married and father of two growned-up children, Barlen Munusami gives regular talks and facilitates workshops on road safety in the media in Mauritius. He is the author of the guide « Le Permis a Points de A a Z », published in January 2013 by Graphic Press and also the author of « Le Guide du Motocycliste » publiched in June 2018.

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